Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) for Job Seekers/Providers

Here Are Certain Topics, Related To Which There May Be Some Questions In Your Mind. We Have Carefully Thought Over These Questions And Tried Our Best To Give You An Explanation Of These, So That You Can Avail Our Services At Your Best!

How can I post my Resume at Rozgarkhoj.com?
Is resume posting done FREE of cost at Rozgarkhoj.com?
Once registered, can I change my Email ID or Password? If yes, how?
When submitted the "New Job Seeker's Registration Form", I got an error message stating "You have already
Registered with us at this Email, Why?
Can I update my contact Information from time to time?
Can I update my contact Information from time to time?
How do I ensure Confidentiality of my Identity at Rozgarkhoj.com?
Can I apply to jobs posted in any of the categories with the same resume?
What to do in the event of forgetting My Resume Number?
Can I keep track of the number of times my resume has been seen by the Employers/Recruiters?
Can I do something to improve the hits on my resume or to catch the attention of Employers?
The resume posted by me was rejected by your team. Why?
How can I Update my Resume from time to time?
How can I login to My Folder, if I forgot my password?
If don’t' want to receive queries from Employers for some time. Is there a way out, apart from deleting my resume?
How Can I Post My Resume At Rozgarkhoj.Com?

On the Home Page itself, we have provided the link "Post Resume". Once you click this link, some easy to comprehend steps would follow wherein you would be required to furnish some key information, including some personal and academic details. Once you are through with that, your job is done. As simple as that!

Is Resume Posting Done FREE Of Cost At Rozgarkhoj.Com?

Yes, you can post your resume absolutely FREE of cost at Rozgarkhoj.com. Just click the "Post Resume". Link on the Homepage, which will take you to the Registration page, from where you can further proceed to post resume in the desired category.

Once Registered, Can I Change My Email ID Or Password? If Yes, How?

Every Job Seeker is given a personalized section called "My Folder" at Rozgarkhoj.com. In order to change your Email or Password, you need to login to your folder and then use the "Change Username / Change Password" link under "Account Setting" section to do the same. However, the change of Email ID is permissible only if it has not been used by some other job seeker.

When Submitted The "New Job Seeker's Registration Form", I Got An Error Message Stating "You Have Already Registered With Us At This Email". Why?

This is due to the reason that there must be an Existing Job-Seeker at Rozgarkhoj.com with the same Email ID; it could be you yourself or some other job-seeker. In any case, the only way out is to get registered with a different Email ID, which is unique.

Can I Update My Contact Information From Time To Time?

We provide you a personalized section at the site called "My Folder”, where you can perform some common tasks related to your resumes, including updating your contact information. So, first "login to your folder" and click the link by the name of "Personal Detail" in the "Update Profile" section. This will display a form wherein you can make describe changes to your details. In fact, up-to-date contact information makes it easier for the Employers to get in touch with you without any hassles.

How Do I Ensure Confidentiality Of My Identity At Rozgarkhoj.Com?

After posting your resume at Rozgarkhoj.com, you will be provided a personalized section called "Login" , which can be accessed by you after entering correct Email ID and Password (chosen by you at the time of registration). Thus, your folder can be accessed only when the correct Email ID and Password is entered, which is known only to you. So, no one else can tamper with your resume or any other information and thus it remains safe in your hands. In addition to this, we keep your complete "Contact Information Confidential" while displaying your resume to Recruiters and only Paid Employers/Recruiters can have an access to it. You can also keep your name and the name of the company (you are currently working with) confidential in your resume.

Can I Apply To Jobs Posted In Any Of The Categories With The Same Resume?

Yes, Job-seekers at Rozgarkhoj.com are allowed to apply jobs in different categories like Computers / IT, Technical, Academic etc. as per their caliber and the skills acquired. Similarly, Employers/Recruiters also post job openings in different categories as per their job requirement.

What To Do In The Event Of Forgetting My Resume Number?

Not to worry. Your resume number will be always there in your My folder. Login to your member folder and click on "View Resume" link. You will notice your name with Resume number running at the top of the resume.

Can I Keep Track Of The Number Of Times My Resume Has Been Seen By The Employers/Recruiters?

Yes, you can. After "logging to your folder" , click the link "Profile Performance" under "My Application" section. From the page displayed, you can check out the number of times your detailed resume has been seen by the Employers/Recruiters at Rozgarkhoj.com till date. We suggest you to update your resume from time to time so that Employers can have a precise idea of your skills and you can get a job of your choice.

Can I Do Something To Improve The Hits On My Resume Or To Catch The Attention Of Employers?

We provide you with a set of distinguished services, which not only improves the position of your listing in the "Job Seeker's Search Result" but also makes it eye-catching from Employer's point of view. These services definitely ensure improved hits and responses from Employer's side. To know more, click the below links:

The Resume Posted By Me Was Rejected By Your Team. Why?

At the very outset, that is while posting a resume, the information you provide is first authenticated and if found irrelevant, your resume is NOT approved, NEITHER activated at the website. In that case, you can re-post your resume by logging to your folder and filling up the resume form with relevant information. After this, we assure you that your resume will be surely approved by the Rozgarkhoj.com Team.

How Can I Update My Resume From Time To Time?

Keeping in mind the necessity to reflect the changes occurred to personal or educational details is so common, we have provided you the flexibility of updating your resume on Rozgarkhoj.com as and when required. So, first login to your folder and click the link "Update Resumes Details" under "My Profile" section.

How Can I Login To My Folder, If I Forgot My Password?

You cannot login to your folder until you key in the correct password. In case, you have forgotten your password, then you can retrieve the same using our "Forgot Password?" In order to proceed for the same, click "Forgot Password?" link provided in the Job Seeker's Login Page. There you'll be required to just provide us your Email ID with which you have registered at Rozgarkhoj.com, and your password will be mailed to your mailbox.

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